READ HERE: Some says love is the most important, some – that money. I still can’t decide, so I think both of these values go in circle. Love and money are related for dreamers, as well as for “normal people”. Because, if you don’t love money, you can’t earn it with pleasure for creating even more pleasure, happiness and much more. And if you don’t earn money you can’t truly love because you are just not feeling well enough for yourself, most of people feel anxious and unsafe.

I started with myself. It is not necessary to have all the money in the world. Need the number who can hold your special needs and make my living, and if I can save something it even better. Money is really important, saintly important! Love in the same time is like a fancy flower in raw field – naive and as a secret. Feel love for yourself, give love to others.
When I was packing my things to remove them out from one place to another, I realized how much are there and why is there so much. What for? I was ashamed of myself. I decided not to buy any clothes for a longer time, don’t buy expensive shoes, except running shoes. Cause the one, super simple espadrilles cost around 5eur and are super good, but some other stylish sandals 8X more, but I can’t even walk with them. Lost money. Again life lesson. Never live, never know! More than ever before I feel good to spend money for good food and airline tickets, rather than buy unnecessary clothes. I like the ones I already have. I think I am moving forward to the minimalist side.

When a pearson will be able to be with himself and feel fine with it, to feel comfortable with it, he/she will be able to be with the loved one and to give and gain unconditional love. And is worth to fight, worth to be your best friend true “bad” days for “earning” best ones with the most beautiful feeling and action in the world- love!

There is no “need” to have a person next to you, because the most you need yourself. Fight for your brightest self. I am on a challenge to fall in love with the fight.

At firsts with yourself for yourself. Over and over again I am trying to explain myself that this is all right situation, and I need this explanation just because of that small fear feeling. That trembling is always alive. It is not like being alone is wrong, just being with others might me easier and more comfortable. This is my true. Sometimes struggling with hard and uncomfortable situations makes me tired, weak, but I know very well it is for good.

Author of text and photo: Madara Grantina aka Charmy Amely


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